Fetch is an app that matches you with available pets in nearby shelters suited to your lifestyle and preferences.

Time: 2 Weeks (Design)     
Tools: Sketch, Zeplin, Abstract, Adobe XD


Develop an initial app prototype for IOS, Android, and Web platforms.

Collaborated in a multidisciplinary team of 5 designers and 6 developers to create the initial prototypes.

My Role

I helped with the app design, and I was mainly responsible for the web version of the app and collaborated on creating the iOS screens

Developed the initial visual style guide for the brand and spec docs for the design team to create consistency and for the devs to help them build the product

Tools Used

User personas, competitive analysis, app flow, concept design, mood boards, UX design, UI design, style guide, spec docs.


What is Fetch?

Fetch is an app/ web app that enables user to set preferences like type of pet they are interested in, age, gender and pet experience to meet their furrever friend. Using compatibility traits drawn from ASPCA Meet Your Match®, Fetch matches users with cats and dogs that are compatible with their lifestyle.
Based on preferences the user can then browse through matching pets that they can like or dislike. Liked pets are saved separately for the user to review and decide to adopt. At any time users can review and change their preferences to view a different range of pets.



To better understand how the current market and users expectations, we did a competitive/ comparative analysis.

Competitive / comparative analysis

Pet Finder

Pet Finder helps user search for available dogs, cats, puppies and kittens to adopt. They are able to filter results by location, breed, age, size and gender.

Tinder & Hinge

Dating apps that allow users to “like” or “dislike” potential matches. Mutual liked matches are saved and can be interacted with.

User Personas


John loves animals and wants to adopt a pet, specifically a cat. This will be his first time owning a pet.

John wants to see what cats are available in nearby shelters for different preferences, to gauge which of them is a right fit for him.


Jane wants to adopt another dog so that her current dog wouldn’t be lonely when she is at work.

She is very specific about what type of dog she wants so that she can be sure that the new pet suits her lifestyle and both pets would get along well.

App Flow

The app flow helped us understand the structure of our app/ website  to communicate functionality and flow with stakeholders and devs

App Flow

Web App Flow

Visual Direction

Rugged & Reliable

Emulates the feeling of owning a cat or dog. The warm palette relates to the soft cozy feeling of a pet’s embrace while the bold contrast calls to the wild nature of animals and adds clarity to the design.

Design Process

Using the previous research as a starting point, we developed an initial mobile (iOS and Android) and a desktop version for the app.

Desktop Landing Page Process


Lo-Fi wireframe

Hi-Fi wireframe



Home page for mobile

The re-design of the e-commerce focuses on delivering a user center experience, where you have a more interactive element that can help you find your new favorites products. The website integrates more video content and information like reviews from users to help find a better product that fits their needs.

Landing page for desktop

My Matches

My Matches (Desktop)

Liked Pet Detail

Liked Pet Detail (Desktop)

Fetch 2.0

Swiping functionality  

Expand animals to adopt

Data analysis

Messenger tool

Develop the shelter’s experience

Expand web functionality

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