Hi! I am Ricardo Haro I am a multidisciplinary designer specialized in UX/UI Design based in New York.
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UX/UI Design

I am a UX/UI Designer, dedicated to delivering unique user center experiences and products that deeply understand the client's essence and their user's need to interact with the product.

Recent Work

Here are some of the projects in progress I am currently working on.

Retail Design

My professional experience includes 6+years in Retail Design, mainly as a concept develop designer for well-known brands where I was able to work on a variety of design scales, typology of projects, and deliveries across industries, from displays to full stores.

POP Displays

POP Design
Concept Design
Fixtue Design
3D Renders

Work ranging from tabletops and displays to aisle dress-up design kits.

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Ali & Jay

Retail Design
Interior Design
3D Renders
Concept Design

Interior design concept development for an L.A. based clothes store.

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