Display Design

During my professional career, I have worked on multiple design projects mostly focus on retail, from counter displays to full store development, specializing in the conceptual design stage.


Develop user center design solutions for a variety of well known retail brands and different scales of projects from displays to full concept stores, that translate the brand and user's needs.

My Role

Continually working with multidisciplinary teams, I was able to create an end to end products. I mostly focus on the research and conceptual design stage.

Tools Used

3d Max, SketchUp, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.

Design Process

Research & Concept

By understanding the brand, the target user, and the problem, as the initial steps, it helped me create solutions that align better with the client's expectations, helping us develop the right solutions for our clients. ​

After synthesizing and understanding better the problem, I started sketching and creating several concepts, from there, as a team, we present our ideas and iterate until the designs are ready to move to 3D modeling.

Concept sketches examples

Concept Iteration

Following is an example of the design exploration for the brand ducktape, to create an add-on display that can be easily installed in current shelves at various locations to advertise their new duck tape line that can be used as a wallpaper.  By exploring many different concepts and getting the client's feedback early, and often, we were able to develop the right display for the client.

Concept 3D sketches examples

Concept B


Concept Development

Following is an example of how I iterate on the concept design.Usually, I develop three full concept renders for the client, the keep iterating on the idea, taking into consideration the client, the engineering, and potential user's feedback.

Design iteration

Final design renders

More Projects

Concept Development

Following a similar design process, I developed the renders below.During my professional career, I  worked with several clients. Here is a sample of the projects I worked on.