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The app provides you with the information you need about cultural norms/practices that will be useful for travels in foreign countries as it will help you feel knowledgeable and secure during your trips.

Time: 2 weeks       Tools: Sketch, Invision, Adobe CS


Propose a solution to a problem with international travel.

Collaborate with a team of developers (one front and one back-ended) to implement the solution. 


My Role

My responsibility in a multidisciplinary four-person team ranged from research, create a persona and journey map, organize the information architecture, to design, UI Design, usability testing, and prepare spec docs. 


User interviews, persona, journey map, information architecture, card Sorting, site map, sketching, wireframes, rapid prototyping, usability testing, specification document.

Design Process








The team followed the double diamond model


We believe an app that provides necessary information about cultural norms/practices will be useful for travelers in foreign countries as it will help them feel knowledgeable and secure during their trips. 


User Interviews

To validate our initial hypothesis and understand better our problem area, we identified our target users and conducted user interviews on   

6 potential users ages 20-40, and they have to be global travelers and plan their travels. 





I am a conscientious traveler.


I collect recommendations from friends/locals.

I wish I'd known more about... 

4/6  Currency & Money

4/6  Food Service Industry

4/6  Laws & Safety

4/6  Language & Greeting

3/6  Current Events

3/6  Public Transportation

We went to four different pharmacies, and at both times, they were all closed! 
User 4



Italy is garbage with telling you when stuff is open, or they tell you something, and the reality is different 
User 1




From the information we got with the interviews, we developed a persona and a journey map to help us understand better our users and help us identify pain points and opportunities where our app can potentially help our target users. 

Pain points

Complex behavioral nuances. 

Don't know what or where to research to avoid more site-specific issues.

Navigating a foreign city is hard!

Locals don't speak English. 



Meet Kiera!

30 years | NYC | Design Consultant

"These kind of issues are just a part of traveling, You know?"

When she travels, Kiera looks for adventure and loves experiencing new and different cultures. She typically asks friends and family for what to do, but she can never really get the full picture. Inevitably, something she didn't expect always comes up.


To avoid tourist mishaps and traps.

Find trustworthy location-specific information.


When travelers go abroad, Kiera is often faced with a lot of cultural norms and local practices that are different from their own.
Kiera is on a fantastic trip across the world, but she wishes she had access to location-specific information that would help her avoid some sticky situations. How might we give her access to the information she needs to navigate a new place and make the most of her trip?  


Design Process 

Using our research, we did several rounds of the design studio, and then iterate our designs and tested with potential users in every stage of the process.


Color: We picked the color because it is associated with being refreshing, calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, creativity and loyalty, which align with the personality of our target users and with what we want the app to reflect.  


Low-FI sketch

Mid-Fi prototype

Hi-Fi prototype-version 1


Usability Testing

To make sure our solution was working correctly and fixing our problem, We tested the Mid-Fi prototype with four users and Hi-Fi Version 1 with four users and made some corrections on the design and how the app works.  
 I liked the fun facts page. It is better than the travel apps that I have used in the past
User 2
I love this app. There aren't many travel apps that have everything you need in one place.
User 4






Here is an example of how usability testing helped up to create a better experience for our potential users. 

Low-FI sketch

Add a "was this info useful?
Icons had terrible reviews from the users tested.  

Mid-Fi prototype

It was easier to understand, but users were not sure if they can click.  

Hi-Fi prototype-version 1

Feedback from question

This iteration got great feedback from all users tested, and in the future can help to improve the content. 

Our solution is an app that allows user to easily locate information they wouldn't think to research for their trips, to avoid bad situation on their trips.

It also contains translator tool, money, measurements, temperature and weight converters with easy access.

Also it contains the trip tips tools which lets the user get information from their trips in a easy and digestible form.

City's Home Page

Browse Cities 


We created another hi-fi version of our prototype, which is aimed to helping our users understand better new places and cultures they will be immersed in, and we provide them with information that they might not be aware of they need.  

The solution contains a translator tool, money, measurements, temperature, and weight converters with easy access and the trip tips tools which lets the user get information from their trips in a comfortable and digestible way.

Trip Tips Typical Page

Information Typical Page

Explore the app and find information from Palermo

Explore must know facts about Palermo

Next Steps

Testing the functionality of other buttons: bookmark, share, translate, news.

Building out a push-notification feature for Tips; consider including tips generated and submitted by users.

Do some further research to organize the content even better and with user-generated hierarchies.

Consider how the app might be used as a planning tool before traveling.

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