Fetch is an app that matches you with available pets in nearby shelters suited to your lifestyle and preferences.


Time: 2 weeks      Tools: Sketch, Zeplin, Abstract


My Role

Tools Used

Develop an initial app prototype for IOS, Android, and Web platforms.

Collaborated in a multidisciplinary team of 5 designers and 6 developers to create the initial prototypes.

I helped on the app design, and I was mainly responsible for the web version of the app

Developed the initial visual style guide for the brand and spec docs for the devs

User personas, competitive analysis, app flow, concept design, mood boards, UX design, UI design, style guide, spec docs.  


Fetch enables users to set preferences like the type of pet they are interested in, age, enter and distance they are willing to travel to meet their ideal furrever friend. Based on preferences the user can then browse through matching pets that they can like or dislike. Liked pets are saved separately for the user to review and decide to adopt. 

Rugged and reliable

This warm palette relates to the soft cozy feeling of a pet's embrace, while the bold contrast calls to the wild nature of animals and adds clarity to design elements.

Mobile Hi-Fi wireframes

Home Page

My Matches 

Pet Details

Web Hi-Fi wireframes

My matches page

Landing page

Next Steps

Swiping functionality  

Expand animals to adopt

Data analysis

Messenger tool

Develop the shelter’s experience 

Expand web functionality 

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