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The brand is a Black-owned responsive  E-Commerce website that sells hair, beauty, and personal care products. Launched in 2019, 4th Ave Market curates items and products to resolve the unique needs of people of color and the professionals that serve them.  


Time: On-Going   Tools: Adobe XD, Sketch, Invision, Adobe CS


My Role

Tools Used

Initial user research

Develop initial Phone and Desktop wireframes and prototype


Lead the UX/ UI Design process, teaming up with stakeholders and developers to build the new design concept. 

UX Design, user interviews, task flow,  UI Design, design system, develop design specifications document.

Design Process







I followed the double diamond model

User Interviews


To understand better our problem area, we identified our target users and conducted user interviews with 4 potential clients, from Licensed Hair Stylists, Certified Educators, Barber and Hair Salon Owners, ages between 37-47, two male and two female with 11 -27 years of professional experience.


To understand pain points that the hair and beauty professionals around the Online presence and Booking appointments.




I get many new clients from my online presence (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yelp, Vagaro, etc.)

I have Facebook, Instagram accounts for my professional online presence (some TikTok, Google, Yelp, YouTube, Vagaro)

Me or my salon has a website and I do all the work for it

I take care of all my professional online presence

I wish I could do more for my professional online presence

Is important to me to describe what makes me and my shop unique and why my clients should pick me

I take care of all my bookings

I choose this service because a friend of mine suggested it

I work at a salon where you rent your chair and everyone uses a different booking tool




“I do my own website and is like having a second job ”

User 2

“A friend of mine suggested it to me” 
User 3
“Is crucial to have social media”   
User 1 






From the initial research and interviews, I processed the information and developed a user persona and journey map to help us understand better who are we designing for and why is important.


40 years | Zacatecas, MX| Housewife

Meet Mariana!

"I don't like having to go to many shoe stores to buy one pair of shoes, imagine 6!"

Mariana is a housewife with four kids ranging ages 2- 12, she likes to be as efficient as she can be with her times. She wants to buy all the shoes she needs for all her family without being a hard experience.  


Buy shoes for all her family

Pain Points

Finding shoes everyone likes in her family

Finding the right size for everyone


Enjoy buying shoes with her family


Stays home 

Saves a little bit away from each paycheck

When Mariana wants to shop shoes for herself and her family, she usually has to visit many shoe stores in a different location to find the ones she and her family love. 

Mariana finds it challenging to find shoes that please her and everyone in her family, how might we help enjoy the shopping experience with her family while finding the right shoes for everyone in her family. 



Design Process

Using the previews research and the existing website as a starting point, I created a mobile-friendly version and developed clear design guidelines and criteria for the client to follow for the future. 

Low-FI sketch

Mid-Fi prototype

Hi-Fi prototype-version 1


I developed the initial prototype for the responsive website which focuses on giving the brand an online presence and helping users have a more pleasant shopping experience by checking the availability and being able to pick your product at your preferred location.

Currently testing the prototype

Developing the reserve tool

Working on the design system 

Develop the micro-interactions 

Next Steps

Will update more content shortly.

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