Budget Ballers

Budget Ballers, Is a responsive website that helps you be social while being budget-friendly and enables you to communicate your money concerns with your contacts. 


Time: 2 weeks   Tools: Sketch, Invision, Adobe CS 


Our team was contracted to create a responsive website that solves the problems of users in the finance category.

Our job was to understand the behaviors of the users within their economic challenges and identify areas of opportunity for improvement. 

My Role

My responsibility in a multidisciplinary three-person team ranged from user interviews, research, design, and usability testing. 


User interviews, persona, research synthesis,  journey map, Moscow map, sketching, wireframes, rapid prototyping, usability testing. 

Design Process







The team followed the double diamond model


User Interviews



Users find it hard to save because social outings tempt them.

Users find themselves overspending on food and clothes.

Users can’t find resources regarding money management or don’t know where to look. 



Sometimes when I ask questions about money management, people look at me like, come on, you should know this

User 7


I feel embarrassed about asking my parents for money
User 2





To validate our initial Hypothesis and understand better our problem area, we identified our target users and try to understand more about the subject finance, we conducted user interviews on 8 potential users average ages 23, one of the requirements was that they needed to have a source of income, part-time or full-time job and they should be the ones managing their budget.

For the user interview, we focused on trying to understand how much they knew about budgeting and what do they do to stay on track, understand spending habits and saving behavior. 



From the information, we got from our interviews and to help us understand better our user and help us identify pain points, and opportunities were our responsive website can potentially help them we developed a persona and a journey map. 



23 years | Brooklyn, NY | Engineer

"Saving is easier said than done." 

Angie just started her first job as an Engineer, and this has enabled her to become economically independent. Now she is conflicted because she wants to go out with her friends but is trying to be responsible with her money and save. 


Balance Social life & Budgeting

Pain Points

Overspends on food and going out


Be able to save more money without sacrificing her social life


Goes out with friends once a week

Saves a little bit away from each paycheck

Angie's Journey Map


When young adults enter the “real world,” they want to save money but are tempted to spend by social influences.

Angie finds it challenging to maintain a healthy social life while growing her savings, how might we help her partake in social activities with friends while being budget-friendly?


Design Process 

Taking our research into consideration, we started designing the phone version of our website and completed three rounds of the design studio, where we made quick sketches and propose ideas on how can we help Angie.

Concepts from Round 3 of the design studio focused on helping Angie feel confident when communicating her money concern and propose options when her friends ask her to go to places that would require her to spend much money. 



Mid-Fi phone prototype

Hi-Fi phone prototype

Hi-Fi desktop prototype

To understand better how the process of our website works, we analyzed the three possible responses our users can have, depending on what is your answer it will help you make some choices and help you express your money concerns with your friends. 

Following is a flow diagram of the paths you can take on the website.

User Flow


When you are set on a place, the app gives you recommendation curated specially to the site you are going and information, tips, and deals from that place. 


You can look for a place that fits your needs the best, and you can send this suggestion to your friends. 

I am open

It will suggest an option based on your first place picked so that you can find a better choice for your needs and you can recommend it to your friends. 


We translated the mid-fi phone prototype into a hi-fi desktop prototype and tested it. 

Desktop Hi-Fi Prototype responsive website

Sharing a new option to go with your friends

Next Steps

Fully develop a responsive website with feedback from the usability test

App version

Record friends' preferences to accurately suggest future locations

Collaborate with friends directly through the platform

Data & statistics visualization Reviews & rankings for suggestions

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