4th Ave / UI Re-Design

The brand is a Black-owned responsive  E-Commerce website that sells hair, beauty, and personal care products. Launched in 2019, 4th Ave Market curates items and products to resolve the unique needs of people of color and the professionals that serve them.  


Time: On-Going       Tools: Adobe XD, Sketch, Invision, Adobe CS


My Role

Tools Used

Re-Design existing website.

Create an initial design system package.

Deliver spec docs and coordinate with the developer.

As a lead UX/ UI Designer, continue working on developing the responsive website. I am teaming up with stakeholders and developers to build the new design concept. 

UI Design, micro-interactions, design system, and building specifications document.


Initially, I worked on a UX design team to gather initial research and prototypes. 

I am now the lead, UX/UI Designer, and with the help of an initial re-design package from a marketing agency. I am responsible to Iterate the design concept for the responsive website and coordinate the creation of it with developers. 

New Design 


The new design will invoke a minimalist branding aesthetic with slightly muted tones. The imagery leans into close up for product and model shots to articulate the ethos of the 4th Ave Market brands. 






Text Styles


Design Process

Design studies

Working closely with the 4th Ave Market team on creating the design elements. I created and developed various initial design study concepts explorations and iterated on them, always referring to the initial UX research in the design choices.
Following are examples on that process:


Concept A

2 main menu, black is always visible

Dropdown menu, solid color

Concept B

concept based on the existing menu

Dropdown menu, opacity and blur background 

When scrolling down, one menu fades out and the logo moves down.


Final Concept


The re-design of the e-commerce focuses on delivering a user center experience, where you have a more interactive element that can help you find your new favorites products.


The website integrates more video content and information like reviews from users to help find a better product that fits their needs.

Hi-Fi Desktop 


Hi-Fi Phone 


Hi-Fi Desktop

Hi-Fi Desktop




We created micro-interactions to improve the experience of the users and help the developers to express the design intent of some of
the elements. 

Landing Page Animation

Top product interactions


Spec Docs 

I was in charge of creating a Specification Document for the client and initial design system, so he can provide to the developers to help them implement our design.

Free Samples Program Preview

I have been working with the client to develop a Free samples program, will update the case study shortly. Here is a preview of the progress: 


  • Develop the free samples program tool

  • Encourage users to sign up and to continue to use the samples program 

  • Encourage users to fill reviews


Task: Create an account and fill the survey

Order free samples

Add reviews

Next Steps

Do usability test for Hi-Fi Desktop and Mobile Prototype

Develop the "My Profile Page"

Develop the "samples program" tool (currently in progress  with the client)

Personalization / Preferences 

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